Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Blogosphere Comes to Sakai

Steve Githens has created Sakai Planet to aggregate blogs about Sakai. Personally, I think it's a great idea to bring together people's thoughs in one place. Since I've used TechnoMark as my off and on technical blog for a while, I may as well feed it into Sakai Planet as well.

This is integration week at UMich. Sadly, I have too much going on to be there. I'm still juggling work on the IMS Common Cartridge specification with supporting Zach Thomas and his archiving work, ramping up to speed as chairman of the Sakai Requirements WG, preparing for Educause, and finishing off the development of a new Sakai workshop focused on system integration (see to register).

Lurking in the background is a JSF bug that's had me stumped for months. Even a very simple JSF program (literally Hello World) doesn't render, dumping XML into the browser instead of rendered HTML. I've spoken with many people about it, but few clues. It's hard to debug this stuff, too. Well, I'll get back to it as time allows.

I have to admit it's been great to have the OSP confluence site and lists folded into Sakai. It's a lot easier to track what's going on there now and get a better idea of how OSP integrates into Sakai. There are some really outstanding tools that are not getting the visibility that they deserve. Hopefully, we'll see more at the upcoming Atlanta Conference.

Speaking of the conference, the conference commitee is coming together nicely under the leadership of Brigid Cassidy. Brigid accepted the role of Program Chair a few weeks ago and already has things organized and moving forward. I think Atlanta is shaping up to be a really great conference.

- Mark


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