Thursday, January 26, 2006

Change in Focus

With arrival of 2006, I have nailed down by contracts for the year. While I will still be on staff with Sakai, it will be at a substantially reduced amount of time. I'll continue my architecture work, but the bulk with be focused on training and documentation.

Meanwhile, most of my time will be spent working for MIT integrating Sakai into their Stellar Course Management System. I need to strip down the Sakai offering and integrate key Sakai services to Stellar data sources. This will be done using providers, adaptors, or out right re-implementation (if necessary). Stellar wants to use three Sakai tools: Message Forum, Samigo (Quiz and Test), and Gradebook. In addition, an image archive tools is being built.

Finally, I'll be working with Unicon to improve their Sakai offerings and perhaps do some training for them.

It's gonna be a busy year (I'm already over committed).

- Mark